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Medea and the Role of Women

            By Alex Zaltsman Throughout our history, our society has been divided by color, sex, religion and class. Many of these differences have caused battles and tragedies. The battles have ended but the controversies are still going on. One of the differences that today's society has to deal with is the position of women in a male-dominated society. One of these women is a character Medea. She is one of these women who will not let a man hurt or shame her; she will fight. Women like Medea often lose because they actually go against nature, against principals that were established a long time ago. Was Medea right to stand up for herself and is she an inspiration to other women and a warning to other men. .
             Medea takes place in ancient Greece, during the time of kings and princesses. The most significant character in this play is of course Medea herself. As the play begins, we are told of her previous love for Jason, which has recently turned to hatred as a result of his betrayal to her for another woman. Medea, daughter of Aeetes, the King of Colchis, falls in love with Jason, the captain of the Argonauts. She helps him get the golden fleece by killing the dragon that guards it. She then elopes with Jason. She is a very complex character that is composed of various characteristics. Medea is a woman in a man dominated Greek community, thus is treated unfairly. She is restricted in her actions by social understandings and is classified as emotional, irrational and completely powerless female. It is ironic that Medea, a woman in a man centered society, could command such power over those who specially set out to suppress her. The fact that she is capable of organizing the murder of a King and a Princess, the greatest ruling powers within the society, from her prison-like doorway is indication of the great power she controls. Thus, she proves that even a powerless woman, who is centered in male dominated society, can make a change and get what she wants.

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