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Evil cat

             Rose clicked the television silent, straining her ear against the storm that fell on the roof with a mixture of rain and hail. .
             Suddenly Rose heard a soft thump come from the basement, as though someone, or something, had knocked a book to the floor. She became overcome by the fear of someone or something in her basement and gripped the arms of her half torn chair and cursed her husband for leaving her alone on a night like this, knowing she was fearful of storms, empty houses and prowlers. She'd already lit every lamp and overhead light in the house, but she still didn't feel safe. So she sent her beloved dog called "Boris" to investigate what was lurking down the basement. Not knowing what was down their she stood back anticipating a bang or scream but to her surprise Boris turned up ten minutes later with half of his head ripped off and limping badly on his front paws with blood dripping heavily from his head. She couldn't believe what she saw. Seeing the bones and varies muscles and nerves dangling by a thread of skin. .
             Rose was a 85 year old frail women that had many phobias including a fear of garbage disposals, darkness, being alone by herself and the suns rays. She was starting to get dementia and seeing such a horrific sight was devastating and most un-pleasant. While all this was happening the television was on and Rose turned her attention to the news story, warning the public about the man with a knife. He'd been evading the police for weeks, leaving behind no clues or reasoning to his weird and wacky hobby; stalking woman who were home alone. .
             After hearing the news on the t.v she reached for the phone and called the police but they knew her to well. Earlier in the evening she kept calling them and was complaining about the noise of the dogs outside. So the police decided not to investigate and waist their time and effort. .
             Suddenly a crash of lightning sharp and short hit nearby, its intensity shook the whole house.

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