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Literature in Secondary School essay on Holes, Louis Sachar

            Write a considered analysis of Holes' by Louis Sachar, outlining its significance for both school students and older readers, placing it in the context of literary tradition'.
             Holes' was written by Louis Sachar in 1998, introducing a new, more contemporary children's book. The book itself, has been critically acclaimed by many newspapers and literary critics, Philip Pullman writing for The Guardian believed it was "Unmistakably powerful". It was this positive perception of the book which, in November 1998, encouraged the National book foundation to award Sachar with the Young Peoples Literature' award. The success following the book's release, is credited for its recent move into Disney script; as a very popular, child orientated movie. Therefore, what makes the book such a success with both children and adults? Sachar accentuates many themes and key issues within his story, ones which young and old can relate. He is careful not to create a mechanistic narrative, removing long discourse and making effective use of interrupting the plot with the use of asides. His skill also lies in "the special mix of comedy, mystery and sense of purpose" which Holes' embodies. To Place the book in the context of literary tradition, it would be first useful to define what is meant by literary tradition. According to F.R Leavis in his book The Great Tradition', a book can only deserve literary recognition if it has "serious, moral concern". Hence, considering Holes' and the moral issues which are conveyed, this book can be argued to have earned such a place in literature.
             The book, which was written for children, embodies many various themes, which can be understood and analysed by both adults and children. Friendship and loyalty are two themes of the book which are recurrent within the plot. Stanley's arrival in the camp and his making of new friends, most especially the friendship he finds in Zero, is mainstay of this theme.

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