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            The scene I have written is where Marc is persuaded to join the gang. The importance of this scene is that it is the turning point (transformation) for Marc as he is undermining everything that he has achieved and moving on to the "dark side" of the law, this is a disruption of his normal life.
             The use of a low angle shot of Nathan when he first appears on the screen signifies that he is powerful and strong whereas on the other hand when the camera reverses to Marc, the high angle shot shows him to be vulnerable and powerless, open to temptation. Another visual aspect which will show Marc's vulnerability is his body language; such as slouching on the seat which signifies he is demoralised.
             I would use dark lighting to create shadows where Marc sits down, with red wallpaper which can be seen behind him to make the audience feel a little uncomfortable and jumpy as they feel Marc is facing a life changing situation. I want to create a sense of mystery about what his decision will be: the audience will be "in the dark". Also to help this mood there will be tense diegetic music in the background coming from the bar. .
             The medium shot of Marc's shadow when Nathan asked him to join the gang signifies that he is moving onto the dark side of the world, and also that the decision does not reflect his real personality. Also another factor that represents this is his use of language, at the beginning he is talking normally and after he agrees to join the gang his use of language changes to street slang.

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