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Food Intake Logging Synopsis

             In the past two weeks, I have observed my eating patterns and I have noticed that while I usually stay within the 2,000-2,500 calorie range, my eating habits are irregular and therefore unhealthy for that reason and the other being that I receive those calories from food sources that contain sugar, fat or is otherwise high in unhealthy cholesterol. I have only been able to lose weight because I exercise and try to stay somewhat fit. I also noticed that I do not receive enough water everyday to fully hydrate my body.
             I believe that I can further my process of getting fit by having a more balanced and regular diet, such as eating three solid, as in healthy, meals a day at the regular times like in the morning for breakfast, afternoon for lunch and evening for dinner instead of having meals at irregular times and loading up on snacks which are mainly carbohydrates, fats and sugars. I can also drink more water, which will also help me because not only will I be more fully hydrated, I will not be so hungry since my stomach is semi-full with water.
             I think that I can do this by further continuing this food log as well as continuing my daily exercises. I believe that this way, I can still maintain the way I live with minimal changes but enhanced awareness of how I am treating my body. For example, although the recommended calorie intake from food and drink for an average person would be from 2,500-2,000 a day, I plan on lowering this to 1,500 for me, given that I receive the calories from healthy forms of food, like fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating bread and other bread products made up of carbohydrates, I will eat meat to sustain myself. This way, I can stay healthy as well as building up my immune system from the nutrients I receive from the fruits and vegetables I consume.

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