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Nutrition and Fitness

             People in the western civilization are the worst for fiber intake, they only take in about 12 grams and the body needs 20. Fiber intake should be done gradually and not fast like in the advertised drinks and supplements. Too much fiber on the other hand can be bad, too much can stop the digestive track from absorbing nutrients and minerals the body needs.
             2. What are carbohydrates.
             Carbohydrates are sugars, carbohydrates are needed for the body to survive. A misconseption is that carbs are bad, they are only bad if over consumed or consumed with fattening foods. Carbs are essential for endurance in muscles.
             3. Dehydration- the benefits of drinking water.
             Dehydration can occur in an acute and chronic state. Chronic is less obvious and occurs over time when we drink less water than we need. Acute is sudden like what you see in a desert movie or on the sports field. The body needs water to survive.
             4. Depression and nutrition.
             Nutrition can play a role in alleviation some of the symptoms of depression. More amino acids increase in iron, protien from meats, avoid alcohol and caffeine. .
             5. Nutrition - acne.
             Vitamin A deficiency is a cause of acne, fried foods and saturated fat can cause the pores to become blocked. Not all acne is caused by nutrition. Other important nutrients include vitamin B Complex, chromium, acidophilus, and selenium.
             6. Benefits of Flexibility Training.
             By Chad Tackett, President of Global Health and Fitness.
             Flexibility is the ability to move through a full range of motion, Flexibility helps balance muscle groups and helps support good posture.
             7. Benefits of Strength Training.
             The benefits of consistent strength training include, increase in muscle size and tone, strenght and psychological health by self-esteem, and confidence.

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