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            We need to develop a pathway to improve the nutrition status of Upper Yarra Secondary College and move into the 21st century looking as healthy as we can. This can be done by implementing or:.
             Developing a College Nutrition policy.
             Reviewing the way we serve food to students and staff in our College.
             Promoting the nutritious food we sell in our canteens.
             Increasing the fresh and nutritious menu items sold in our canteens.
             Investigating links between eating disorders, increased illnesses and nutrition.
             Implementing best practice curriculum in nutrition education.
             Involving staff, students and their families in the processes of achieving these.
             This area of our Health Promoting Schools program is not always an easy one. Sometimes it feels as if we are not moving very far very fast. There are strong feelings about the kinds of food we sell in our canteen, lets face it at our school which one is more appetizing a tray of chips with gravy and cheese or a salad roll, but to further dampen this problem it is more expensive to buy the healthier option. .
             The fatty foods that we supply in our canteen is increasing the amount of problems in our later lives, it is the ideal teenager thing to say, that healthy eating is boring, disgusting and not the cool thing to do, but if we could make them realize that the fatty food we consume now hurts us in the long run with the increase the risk of:.
             Breast cancer in women.
             Coronary heart disease.
             Colon cancer in women.
             Also we supply our children within our school with an endless supply of lollies especially sugary lollies, recent studies show that consumption of too much sugar in your diet increase:.
             Stress levels.
             Blood pressure.
             Mood swings.
             Tooth decay.
             These alarming studies show that with the sugary and fatty foods being supplied by our canteen are effecting not only the environment they have to work in but also the children themselves.

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