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Your Diet and Nutrition

             This paper explores the ways that eating a healthy diet composed of the proper vitamins and minerals can be beneficial for your physical, social and emotional well being and how healthy eating will allow the body to feel good and function properly.
             Your Diet and Nutrition.
             There are many benefits to healthy eating and they are usually separated into three main categories: physical, social and emotional. Some of the physical benefits of eating a healthy diet include maintaining good body weight, supporting your body while you are growing so you can reach your full physical potential, gives you energy and some studies have shown that a balanced diet will ensure you have the essential nutrients you need for your brain to function efficiently. Social benefits of eating a healthy diet can lower health costs, which will allow work to be more productive. Some emotional benefits of eating a healthy diet include having more confidence along with higher self esteem, when you are happy with and like your body image, being emotionally happy and healthy with your body makes one enjoy things more. (McClure et al.,2006).
             Not consuming the right amount of nutrients can lead to eating disorders, which can lead to other illnesses. Eating healthy can improve all aspects on one's life. Healthy nutrition is the most important factor for maintaining and keeping good health. (Adamo et al.,1996).Nutrition plays a very important role in out lives, it can help extend or decrease our life span as well as define our degree of livelihood as we progress into old age. With the potential to live longer with a healthy diet and proper nutrition, comes the need to monitor and adjust the amounts and types of food and supplements that we put into our bodies. Proper nutrition in our early years will lead to a learned commitment and also lead to a lifetime habit towards a healthy and possibly extended life. The first step in eating a nutritious diet is to realize the importance of nutrition.

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