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Food Recall and Analysis

             Completing a three day recall of all the food a person eats can be time consuming, .
             I wrote down everything I ate for 3 days, entered the .
             information into the computer and was in for quite a shock. You must first have a little .
             history about my current eating habits. I am enrolled in a weight loss program called .
             Weight Watchers. Therefore, I already write down everything I eat. Then I assign the .
             foods point values based on WW calculations. I can eat as much or as little as I want, as .
             long as I remain in the points range. I also figured my that my BMI is 23, and I should .
             receive 1500 to 2000 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight. After completing this .
             assignment I truly had a better understanding of what I was eating, not just how many .
             points' it was worth. I also quickly decided that even though I was losing weight I .
             needed to make some changes.
             The first thing that I noticed was the amount of calories I was eating per day. I .
             realized that I was eating less than 1000 calories per day. This would explain the weight .
             loss. However, I also realized that even though I was low in calories, I was also very low .
             in important categories. .
             The first that struck me was calcium. The recommended daily Ca intake for my .
             age/sex group is 1300/mg per day. I am consuming less than 25% of the recommended .
             intake. This is concerning when you think of diseases like osteoporosis.
             Next I realized that my Iron levels were very low. Again the recommended daily .
             intake of Iron for my age/sex group is 18/mg per day. I am getting less than 50% of the .
             recommended intake on some days. I have had numerous problems with iron-deficiency .
             anemia and the problem appears to be in my diet. .
             I did note that my daily fat intake is low, less than half of the maximum allowed .
             per day. This would also help explain the weight loss I've had over the past 5 weeks. .
             Prior to completing this assessment I was concerned about my sodium intake.

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