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Huckleberry finn

             The topic of Cruelty has been discussed from the beginning of time. From culture to culture and society to society, it has been a very controversial topic because the different definitions of cruelty vary greatly from culture to culture. Brought up in wartime crime and even today in the home, it has caused many critics of society and government. Once of which was a man by the name of Samuel Clemens, commonly referred to by the pen name Mark Twain.(1835-1910) Mark Twain was a writer who lived and wrote his works during the mid 19th century and lived all over the United States during his lifetime. Twain was a realistic author and believed in novels that have real life meaning, therefore he used the satiric novel The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn to criticize the social problems of the time, through the conduit of characters and their encounters, one of which was mans inhumanity to man. The book is about Huckleberry Finn and Jim. Jim is a bright and kind runaway slave and Huck is a runaway from his abusive father and the rigors of a organized society. The book takes place on the Mississippi river. The book is a journal of their experiences on the river and their encounters with different people. Twain uses these encounters to show the discrepancies in society. The book takes place about 20 years before the civil war; therefore slavery is a major component. One of Twains major components is mans inhumanity to man and how it is caused by fear of others and fear of the unknown, Twain also states man cruelness to others is due to greed and general disregard of others.
             Twain uses fear to prove that man's inhumanity to man brings down the value and morals of society by lowering the standard of life. Fear is a component that all humans have at one time or another and can cause humans to do things that they normally would not do. Fear is a primary element in all humans" emotions and can cause great damage or good to other human beings.

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