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Journey of Ibn Fauttouma

            Fattouma's journey takes him from place to place in search of the land of Gebel, a legendary paradise that all speak of but have never found. His is fascinated with this world that his teacher often talks about putting images in his head about how it should be. He says that he wants what is best for his country but rather I feel he wants what's best for his self. He gives up when things don't go his way at home and departs. When the women he wants is taken away by another man he feels like there is nothing left there for him. He seems to be a compassionate person and also a caring person but I do take into account that one has to look out for themselves and their best interest. Therefore although he loves his mother he leaves her to take off to this great land of perfection. .
             Gebel represents a world of perfection that man wants to obtain. Fattouma also wants to obtain this world. I feel that if he were to go to this land and return to his home land that he could be the guy that people look to for wisdom, and I feel that he wants that. He says that he wants to change his country and obtain knowledge but also there may be an underling meaning as to why he wants to go on this journey. .
             What is known is that it is the ever-elusive Paradise or Nirvana or Shangri-La that everyone, especially Ibn Fattouma, is searching for. Gebel is a symbol or what man wants to be and that is God like. Gebel symbol is perfection there for by symbolizing such a thing Gebel must be the land of God because only God can be truly perfect. Fattouma wants to be God like and he strives to be.
             Every place he goes he sees the madness of the world the sickness of people and what they feel is true whether it though war or their own practices he finds his self realizing the madness of it all. Fattouma starts off strong in his beliefs and when he reaches Mashriq this is when he is truly tested to follow his faith he tries really hard but fails.

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