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             Salvatore is but one of the works in his impressive library of works and, my personal favorite. Immortalis takes place in an alternate world in a time period equivalent to that of our middle ages, but the world is more similar to a fairy-tale land than an actual place. The land of Corona is a land of magic, of heroes and villains and wars of epic proportions; a land where dragons rule the skies and pirates rule the seas, where goblins, dwarves and elves roam the land alongside men. The land of Corona is a land of dangerous wilderness and mighty civilizations. The land of Corona is a gold mine to any producer bold enough to take it on the journey from an epic of a novel to a masterpiece of a film.
             This particular novel has enough explosive action to put even an Arnold movie to shame. The battle scenes where the gemstone magic is put on display are nothing short of miraculous, not to slight the close range combat which is exceptional in its own fashion. Though the action would require top-notch special effects, there's no doubt that the films gross income in just the first week would be more than enough to pay for the entire cost of making the movie. The plot is littered with action, ranging in size from small scuffles to all-out warfare involving thousands upon thousands of combatants. There are all sorts of weapons involved as well, with the gemstone-wielding Abellicans and the heavy-armored Bearmen, against the desert-borne Behrenese, and horse-riding To-gai-ru, though few can compare to the powerful Alpinadorans and elven-trained rangers; all of these have different styles, and none are too fond of each other--there is a point in the book where almost each one of those peoples were pit against each other! The final battle of the book, when all the forces of the entire series come together on the field of battle is nothing short of spectacular, during that battle I found it nigh impossible to put the book down the action was seamless and engaging to the point obsession.

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