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Short Story - The Fall of Rome

            The sound of my horse's hooves echoed in the darkness of the woods as he trotted on. As he moved deeper in the forest, the snow kept increasing, causing his handsome black mane to turn white. He walked very slowly, breathing hard; he seemed exhausted. Therefore, I reined him and tied his reigns to a tree. I got-off his back and loosened his saddle. Soon, I was hit by a flash back that reminded me why I was here. I remembered the fall of my empire, the greatest empire of all times, the Roman Empire, and how I, the Caesar, was forced to flee to keep Rome alive. And here I was, fighting my biggest war, not knowing how long I would keep myself and Rome alive. .
             I snapped back to the present, as I felt a sudden movement at my back. I investigated the surrounding for any other glimpses of movement but there weren't any. I unsheathed my imperial gold sword, 'Fortis' (The Mighty); it shone even in fog of darkness. I warily went near my horse, and picked my circular bronze shield, which had two other swords sheathed in it. I was all set, expecting an ambush anytime soon. I was constantly examining the surroundings and I saw the Samnium troops riding towards me on their masculine horses. In a blink of an eye, they were in front of me and soon I was surrounded by Samnium knights; the knights were masculine, strong and disciplined. Their army general, Quintus, said to me, "Caesar, you shall surrender to the Samnites or you shall die an excruciating death." I replied to him, "Surrender to the Samnites? Good joke. I shall die someday, then why not die today, fighting for Rome. I shall never surrender to you.".
             "Your empire is in ruins, whole of Rome is burning, you shall go down along with it," said he. His words angered me more than anything else; I raised my sword, taunting him to attack, and it worked. He ordered his men to finish me; five of his men charged at me. "For Rome," I shouted and attacked the man in front of me.

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