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Saving Private Ryan

             "Saving Private Ryan," is a film portraying the events and hardships of World War II. Using the overpowering techniques of modern film, Steven Spielberg has cut through the glory-tinged gauze the shrouds World War II and revealed its brutal reality. Director Steven Spielberg brings to the audience the sheer madness of war and the search for decency within it. That search ends for a group of soldiers whose mission it is too save Private Ryan. Although the film shows horrific and realistic battle scenes along with historically correct settings and situations with weapons and injuries true to their time, the film's portrayal of war goes a lot deeper than that. The expressions and feelings of soldiers along with their morals and ideology are depicted with the horror of war. The lives and deaths of American soldiers in the immediate part of the invasion of Normandy and the battle of Omaha Beach are illustrated more realistically than ever before. The killing appears to be overdone as the young men step off the transport boat, being killed one after another, but when consulting with history of the battle, that is almost exactly how the battle took place. "Saving Private Ryan" captures the harsh reality of war as authentically as possible. .
             The films historical accuracy of the Omaha beach landing begins with the "angry sea" and the timing of the attack, taking place at dawn. The film starts with Ryan in old age remembering his fallen comrades and then the story goes back in time to the events from there. A group of armed soldiers aboard a transport vessel look almost discarnate as the boat is tossed around the ocean. Soldiers are shaking, praying and throwing-up. Historically, seasickness pills were issued out to all troops and yet many were still sick. Having the landing shot at dawn and when the tide was out produced an invaluable sense of reality for the following graphical scenes.

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