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Why Does PR Have Image Management Problem

             I wanted to learn why Public Relations has become an increasingly complex field in the late twentieth century, and why the word "PR" carries a negative connotation. .
             Project Purpose.
             Being able to show new practitioners what they will be expected to understand complicated events taking place locally, nationally and at the international level; while approaching each situation ethically. Meanwhile not stressing enough that this image of "PR" needs improvement, so they must be in a position to analyze and explain these complex social, political and economic events in ways that can provide an understanding of the relationship between local, national and global developments. In preparation for the vast responsibilities of Public Relation Professionals, I hope that I will be able to persuade students to become well prepared not only in technical aspect of the field, but also their grasp of general knowledge in the development of relationships.
             Literature Review.
             The first of the articles that I have decided to use comes from PRNavigator.com, this is creation of Dr. Mark R. Phillips, a PR professor at the University of Maryland. This professor has created a website dedicated to the improvement of the Public Relations field. The first and most important part of the site noticed was "Mark's Laws of PR," which had at the top "1. Don't Ever Lie." I could not agree more with Mr. Phillips any more.
             As with any relationship, honesty is a major factor in the development of that relationship. Dishonesty at any stage can hinder a relationships growth, and even terminate any progress made; I found this to be right on. Taking a step back and analyzing my relationships has helped myself to agree with Dr. Phillips even more. For example lets say that I had a great functioning relationship and then I told a lie that was not a big deal to me but was to the other party, depending on how good the relationship is, it could easily be terminated.

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