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Buying or Renting

            Should you rent or buy Which will best suit your families needs? How much space do u need for your family to function normally and accommodate their activities? How much money do you have to pay for housing? When is the best time to buy a house?.
             Real estate is easily one of the best investments around, for two reasons. One, they're not making any more of it (at least not land). That means it often goes up in value over time. And two, real estate gives you greater leverage than almost any other investment.
             When considering buying or renting a house you should start off by considering .
             • The neighborhood - Location, appearance and whether the area is appreciating or depreciating.
             • Accessibility - Close to work, shops, school, public transport.
             • Community Facilities - Police and fire stations, parks, churches and hospitals.
             • Family Values - Special facilities needed by your family.
             • Costs - Within your price range, tax benefits, energy and power costs.
             • The house itself - Space and arrangement, enough bedrooms are big enough, kitchen is well placed and has all the functions you require, rooms shape and size appeals to you, and a sufficient backyard.
             There are a lot of factors take into consideration. Some of the advantages in buying a house are.
             • Over time housing prices gradually increase although this may fluctuate, in general housing prices consistently over a long period go up.
             • Stability, by owning your own home you can decorate and renovate your home whichever way you like. Also staying in a common location for a number of years will provide a stable environment for children growing up.
             • You have your own independence, if you wish to renovate, its your choice, you have no landlord to ask, or if you wish to own a pet you don't need permission and there aren't restrictions.
             • Homeowners often have a sense of pride and status in home and community.

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