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Best Buy Policy Paper

             has published a privacy policy on its BestBuy.com website in which they explain how users can learn about their privacy practices and how they control their personal information. They start our like any other company's privacy policy stating "We take your privacy seriously, and we want you to know how we collect, use, share and protect your information"; this first line can be seen as irrelevant due to the fact that every company starts with it. In all throughout it states this statement about four times showing repetition and trying to remind users that no matter what they say they may do they are still taking your privacy seriously and personally.
             Best Buy starts out discussing who applies and who does not apply under this privacy policy. They describe how BestBuy.com, Best buy stores and other locations under the Best buy name applies; this shows clear vagueness and brings up questions such as what other locations are under the Best Buy name. They also describe how Best Buy brands do not apply to this privacy policy such as Future shop, Best Buy Canada, Magnolia audio video, Geek squad, and Best Buy China just to name a few. This first statement is very confusing and misleading due to the fact they state "other locations under the Best Buy name" and they go on to say locations that are under the best buy name do not apply, this paragraph needs to be revised for clarity as soon as possible.
             The privacy policy states that it does not cover select names owned and operated by Best buy such as Geek squad, Future shop and Magnolia audio video, just to name a few, but it does state that they may share your information with its affiliates, affiliates involving the names stated above, this seems very contradictory and misleading because they may have your information but is not covered under this privacy policy so in return they could possible do what they please with it.

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