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            Day 1: After getting an hour and a half of sleep at Spenser's house, we headed for the Spokane airport. Rich, Steve, Spenser, Wade and I got on the plane with no problems. We slept the 30-minute flight to Seattle and then had breakfast: Burger King. After that we had to go get our boarding passes for the long flight to Hawaii. Apparently you can't get all of your boarding passes ahead of time. To our surprise there were huge lines to get the passes. Some lady informed us that all of the computers were down; obviously they were running Microsoft. The whole place was crowded and was filling up fast. I had this scary suspicion when 2 Muslims walked into the airport. My first thought was terrorist attack even though we made it to Hawaii safely. We slept and watched a move, occasionally listening to music, the whole way. After arriving in Honolulu we did an island hop to the big island, Hawaii. We picked up a Buick Rendezvous and headed to Costco where we bought boogie boards, batteries, food, and under-water cameras. We then headed to the beach and boogie boarded the rest of the evening. Then we drove to our $30 hotel called the Manago. The first thing we noticed in our room was a cockroach Supper that evening was at the Ocean View Inn, which was moderately good.
             Day 2: After a refreshing sleep we ate cereal with not-so-cold milk "by hand; we forgot to buy silverware. From there we went to a place called the City of Refuge. Wade stopped on the way and told us to pick up this yellow fruit called noni. We did, trusting our leader, and it felt gross and squishy. Then he told us to smell it, and that was a mistake. Apparently the nickname for noni is starvation fruit "you don't eat it unless your starving. The city of refuge was a place that the people running from the law could go and be safe. We did our own self tour around the area and then walked out around the rocks, daring to go further and further.

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