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Talking to your child about sex and love

            How do you respond when the subject of sex and love comes up during a conversation with your child? Better yet, how is it addressed at your home? Do you consider sex to be a taboo subject, or is it discussed openly with your children? Do you explain love with your child, and all the emotions attached to it? It's not an easy conversation for many parents to have with their children, but it is very crucial. Children need to be educated about sex and love not only at school but at home too. It's a topic every parent should cover when the child is mature enough, and ready for you to be open and honesty with them. .
             "A lot of parents don't seem to understand that their children are being exposed to sex through rap music, videos, and television, so we need to talk to our children about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate as it relates to sexual contact "early,"" Dr. Smith states. Child and family expert Dr. Vera S. Paster agrees stating, "Children are being exposed to sex in a way that most parents wouldn't approve, and that's the only influence that they get. The end result is that because of a lack of role models who will reinforce a positive sense of responsibility for themselves and their sexuality, the child will develop a lack of respect and regard for the protection of their own bodies."" Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Vera agree that teaching sex at an earlier age is better then waiting. Talking about sex may be uncomfortable for both parents and children. Parents should react positively to the curiosity the child has and never deprive or give more information than the child is asking for and is able to comprehend.
             Communication is a necessary part to a healthy prospective about sex and love with your child. Parent's positive words about sex may not get through to the child if you are not a living example. A child's primary models are their families, and what that means is parents who are single should not expose their children to their sexual behaviors.

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