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Society of jesus

            Discuss the origins and beliefs of the Society of Jesus. Be sure to include their purpose and accomplishments.
             The Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius Loyola after being wounded in war fighting for his country, underwent a religious converstion. He gained the idea to start a Christian army defending the Roman Catholic Church. They were concerned with working among the unchurched and the poor, focusing especially on teaching their children. Their puspose was to propagate the RCC faith by every means possible. Byword: " the end justifies the means;" work centered on three main tasks:a0 education b0 counteracting protestants c0 missionary expansion. They were able to establish schools over 400 at now fee and progagate the RCC faith throughout Europe and slsewhere. Loyola's Spiritual exercises whereby to Conquer and order ones's life without being infulenced in one's decision by inordianate affections; extremely influential in cournter-reformation.
             Discuss the impact of the Medici family on the Florentine Renaissance. Be specific in how and what they contributed.
             The Medici family controled Florence, from 1434-1492. Their prosperity rested largely on their fortunes as offical papal bankers. The spent their wealth on books collecting and copying ancient manuscripts, founding the first library. Gave financial support to artists as they created paintings, scultpures, and palaces. Medici's remained a strong force and supporter of the arts until the death of Lorenzo Medici when Charles VIII ran the Medici family was forced out of France.
             Leonardo de Vinci-The Last Supper-Mona Lisa.
             Micelangelo- Sistine Ceiling-the creation of Adam- The Last Judgement-pieta-david.
             Raphael- School of Athens Sistine Madonna- maddona of the medow.
             Giorgione- The Tempest.
             Titian-presentation of the virgin in the temple.
             Parmiganino-Madonna with the long neck.
             Pallodio- villa rotonda.
             Durer self-portrait night death and the devil.

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