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Operating A Computer Help Desk

            1) Describe the features that are frequently found in a help desk software package. Explain how each feature works to help in customer service excellence. Find a software package that contains the features you listed. Include screen shot or cut/paste of software package as Exhibit B.
             Out of 5 different software packages, I found there are typically 3 main components found in Help Desk software packages. .
             1) Help Desk Management: Two main features include; A) Form Creator - You can design a form for almost any function of the helpdesk. I think this is a great feature. Any one person can tailor forms to fit their style/routine of work. Examples could be; tracking tickets that are still open, tracking repeated incidents for the client. One of the form creator features I am most fond of is the ability to track the cost and time spent on specific problems. After viewing this report on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, the help desk can be modified to provide better support to the customer in that needed area. B) Database similar to Microsoft Access: This of course works hand-in-hand with the form creator; however, you are able to run queries by combining multiple forms. One type of query could be processed by tracking all tickets that have a key term/word in the title (Computer Lock Up). Lock would be the key word. This type of query can be used proactively to prevent a repeat of problems. .
             2) Client Management: You can track client purchases or feedback, generate client phone lists or mailing lists etc I think one of the most important features of this section of the package is client profile. You can personalize part of the database; Example, Jerry C., Program Manager of L-3 Communications has been married for 37 years and has one son (mid 30's). Jerry also had a family dog that just passed away at the age of 13. This could be a great tool to help reduce stress or frustration the client might have.

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