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BILL GATES - The Good Man

            In a world where money is omnipotent and those who possess great wealth are revered as being God-like, Bill Gates stands on the top of the highest monetary mountain. However, the Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is feeling the strength of that mountain crumble just a little bit beneath his feet as the result of an anti-trust lawsuit brought about by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and twenty state attorney generals. Their claim: Gates' manipulative manner of using monopolistic practices in an overt attempt to control the Internet, including related software products. Their demand: That Microsoft detach its browser, Internet Explorer, from the Windows system and sell it separately or give users a choice between Explorer and its number one competitor, Netscape Navigator.
             Microsoft has thrived on the ability to foresee and understand the.
             computer needs of the average user. After Microsoft made their name with MS-DOS, they started work on a graphical based operating system much like Apple's Macintosh computer. They called it Windows. Windows swept the market. By 1993 it was selling over 1 million copies a month "and Microsoft operating systems ran nearly 90 percent of the world's PC's. Microsoft had well achieved their goal of creating the standard for the industry. However, because Microsoft enjoys a near monopoly, beginning in June of 1990, the Federal Trade Commission, which shares antitrust jurisdiction with the Department of Justice, took the first crack, quietly opening an inquiry . Many other software companies have cheered the government and offered a deluge of help.
             I consider Bill Gates a genius. I don't believe in his companies.
             practices like eating small software companies for lunch, but I do believe that it has effected society as a whole. Gates' vision of "A personal computer on every desk, in every home" was the foundation of Microsoft and I believe should be the foundation of the future.

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