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Bill Gates, A Short Bio

            The richest man in the world makes more money in one year than some small countries. In fact, this man has made over 1 million dollars for every hour he has worked since 1975 (Mirick 22). The person is Bill Gates and he is revered as a very rich and powerful man in the world of technology and business.
             Bill Gates is most famous for founding the Microsoft Corporation. His software and new ideas have transformed personal computing throughout the world. His idea of "a computer in every household and business" has come true (http://www.microsoft. com/billgates/bio.asp). Bill Gates has used his excellent education and love of computers to make himself a rich and powerful entrepreneur.
             William Henry Gates III was born on October 28th 1955 in Seattle, Washington (Codim 17). Bills father, Bill Gates Jr., worked as a lawyer for a law firm and his mother, Mary, worked as a school teacher. Bill had an older sister, Kristanne, and a younger sister named Libby (http://www.teamgates.com/library/life.htm). Ever since Bill was born his family members gave him the nickname of Trey, after the III in his name (Dearlove 2).
             Bill's parents knew that he was an exceptional child and should get a better education than he would receive at a public school. For this reason his parents paid the $5,000 tuition to send Bill to Lakeside, one of the best private schools in the state of Washington (Codim 17). Bill excelled at mathematics and other subjects, but he soon found a place where he could devote his talents and interests. This place was the computer lab.
             Computers were large and expensive in the 1960's so Lakeside had to buy time on DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electric (Mirick 22). Bill Gates and a few other students, including his best friend Paul Allen, quickly used up this computer time, spending hours at a time in the lab. The students formed the Lakeside Programmers Group and quickly outsmarted their teacher (http://www.

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