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Leadersip Vs. Management

             There has always been a controversy over the difference in leadership and management that probably dates back to the first time someone was in charge of someone else. Leaders have always had the reputation of being able to inspire people to achieve things they normally could not. Managers lead subordinates in a sense but often lack the ability effectively to inspire. A good manager could be described as a problem solver, who is statistic driven and thrives on predictability while avoiding conflict and assures the objective is achieved even if he or she disagrees with it. A leader on the other hand is a dynamic, values driven individual, who is an analyst of cause and purpose and not only accepts conflict but welcomes it all while assuring the group objectives mirror that of the organization. Many leaders and mangers draw from the same well of characteristics however, leaders retain the powerful ability to inspire greatness.
             Autocratic Leadership.
             Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, .
             which means that people get angry at your actions and decisions. .
             It's inevitable- if you"re honorable." -Colin Powell (www.pattibranco.com).
             An autocratic leader is defined as a person who keeps most or all key authority for themselves. They are somewhat authoritarian and tell their subordinates exactly what to do and assume responsibility for all operational aspects. General Colin Powell is defined as an autocratic leader by default due to the fact that his leadership background is in the military. As a leader Powell was a visionary, who motivated his people by making clear how their work fit into the larger picture. Eventhough General Powell allowed his subordinates the latitude to make decisions in the end his word was final. Having the final decision making authority is crucial in a position such as Powell's. As a leader, especially in a military organization others take their cues from the leader - not from what the leader says but what the leader does.

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