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Men and Women in Management Roles

             The contrasting differences in statistical data regarding male to female ratio in the top hierarchy are questionable. Women constitute more than half the global population, yet, their representation in management is diminutive in contrast to the dominative males. Conversely, according to recent trends there is an increase in women on boards, however at a sluggish pace. There a consequently many questions relating to this topic of 'gender in management', 'has gender stereotyping acted as a catalyst to lack of women in management?' Or 'Do men make better managers than women?.
             Lack of Women in Management.
             There are many interesting facts which seem bemusing in regards to the current situation with gender inequality, with women accounting for almost half the UK population, and outperforming men educationally, why is it so hard to 'explain why women continue to experience difficulties in attaining senior management positions (Ely and Padavic, 2007). The subject of women in management has raised pressure on big companies to start vacating women as a representative of their boards of executive, reports on the FTSE has shown an increase of women on board, with an increase of from '12.5% in 2011 to 20.7% reached in 2014', (ADR, 2014).
             Social Affects.
             Arguments used regarding the lack of women in management are related to the 'choices of women'; 'the reason why so few women reach the highest level of our organizations is not due to a violation of meritocracy, but is one of 'choice' Cornelius and Skinner (2008), this means that women choose to opt out of their careers for a variety of reasons and that is purely due their freedom of choice ibid (2008). However, Austin (1984) argues that the 'working environment for women is still unfriendly both at work and societal levels due to gender stereotypes and patriarchal structures.
             Psychological Effects.

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