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Obstacles for Women in the Workplace

             Leadership is erroneously seen as possessing the authority and social charm needed to influence others to reinforce and support the completion of tasks. However, leadership isn't solely a matter of authority or talent, but a requirement to invest and inspire people. A leader's calling includes addressing the needs of the individuals being served, growing further into oneself and achieving results, while also building a team that produces. In today's world, men are handpicked to fill such roles, especially in health care organizations, because the perception is that men make better leaders. As of now, health care organizations are placing emphasis on decentralizing and have shifted focus to team-oriented management and there is a need for strong leadership and increased diversity. Women have the right communication skills and spirit to edify and such foster team-building relationships, which could meet the needs of the changing health industry. .
             Studies conducted in the workplace show that women possessed significantly superior skills when it came to fashioning and establishing a vision, designating a clear sense of direction, being an inspirational mentor, raising the bar for standards of excellence, and embracing responsibility. A future in healthcare for women proves to be bright, however, the number of women in executive leadership roles in the health care industry is incredibly underrepresented, even though they undeniably possess an abundance of talent and are just as qualified as men. Women are continually eluded from leadership roles in healthcare, especially at the top ranks, however, slowly but surely attention is being brought to this unrelenting issue. The obstacles, broken barriers and sacrifices made by many women in leadership positions, paved the way to now allow women to advance their careers in a new light, by bringing exceptional perspective and ultimately changing the future of the health care industry.

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