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Enlisted Handbook

            The purpose of this handbook is to provide supervisors of all enlisted personnel with information to more effectively counsel their personnel on career progression. It focuses on policies and programs that effect enlisted personnel. This introduction can foster better understanding toward meeting supervisory responsibilities. Each section lists the current Air Force publications that provide guidance on the applicable subject. Supervisors should refer to the appropriate Air Force publication for additional guidance and changes.
             Effective leaders and supervisors accomplish their unit's mission by helping their subordinates do their job more effectively without wasting resources. The most valuable and complex resource is people. People are perhaps the most difficult resource to control and direct, yet they offer the greatest potential for the success of the United States Air Force. As a leader/supervisor and manager, it is important for you to know, understand, and meet the needs of the people that you supervise.
             To aid in the search for better understanding, this handbook focuses on seven different enlisted personnel policies and programs. We start with some day-to-day details for Airman. Section I provides the supervisor with insight into specific responsibilities of each enlisted grade, the relationships between enlisted grades, and how each grade fits into the enlisted force structure. Section II provides information on Professional Military Education (PME). This program offers enlisted members an opportunity to broaden their leadership and management skills and expand their perspective of the military profession. Section III provides information on enlisted promotions, including Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS), Senior Airman Below-the-Zone, and Stripes for Exceptional Performers (STEP). Section IV provides information on the Enlisted Evaluation System (EES), emphasizing the important aspects of the Enlisted Performance Reports and the Performance Feedback System.

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