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SPEECH - Difference between private and public University

            I am sure the every student in this classroom or at this school at sometime in their lives had to make a decision between choosing a private university over a public one. I had to make that same decision and it was not an easy one. I am here today to compare the differences and similarities of each for you to gain a better understanding of the system and to make better decision in the future. .
             There are many similarities between the public and private university. To start off, both schools require the student to have a diploma or a GED to be able to apply to the school. They both require standardized test like the SAT or the ACT or some have their own entrance examinations. As far as the graduate and the undergraduate programs go they are very similar, meaning the value of a degree from a public university means just as much as it does from a private university. And also the financial aid and scholarships to pay for both schools more similar than they are different but that's about where the similarities end and the differences begin.
             One of the biggest differences between the two schools is the number of applications for enrollment. More people apply to public university than they do private universities therefore public universities have lower acceptance rate than the public universities do mainly due to the fact that public universities are more crowded; which brings me to my next point of public universities having a larger classroom sizes. In private schools you have an average of about 25 students per class, but in public universities in some general education classes you have an average of 100-300 students. And as you can imagine it become very hard if not impossible for the teacher to pay individual attention to the students. - QUOTE - Having a smaller class rooms in private universities makes for a better alumni connections that is very helpful in finding jobs or internships in certain corporations.

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