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Death Penalty

            The death penalty keeps people from committing serious crimes.
             are going to die they will not commit the crime. The death penalty is a good idea, it helps .
             to bring down the crime rate in different states.
             As christians, we have to follow the teachings of the bible. For example, in the bible .
             it says that every life is important. Because we are christians we have to listen to the .
             teachings in the bible, and I believe that if someone takes someone's life away, they .
             deserve to die. It is our religion and we have to believe in what it says. In addition, putting .
             someone to death will stop them from committing another crime. If a criminal is dead, then .
             the criminal cannot commit another crime. The criminal deserves the death penalty because .
             he committed the crime. Every life is important, therefore, if you take someone's life away, .
             then your life should also be taken away.
             Revenge means to inflict punishment in return for something. For example, if someone .
             kills somebody your immediate actions are toward the murderer. Revenge is something that .
             everybody encounters in their lifetime. Everybody has taken revenge on someone. In .
             addition, revenge is a state of mind when someone is focused on something. It is not good .
             to have revenge because people do not think about anything else but what they are focused .
             on. People might do things that they do not mean to do. Overall, revenge is a bad thing .
             that everybody does.
             The death penalty is a good idea because it gives some kind of justice to the .
             victims or relatives of the victims. The death penalty keeps people from commiting crimes. If .
             they know that they are going to die then they will not commit the crime.

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