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Greatest War Ever

             Greatest War Ever or Maybe Just Another War.
             World War II considered to be the greatest war ever or was it maybe just another war. In 1941, The United States of America was a very reluctant world power. Four years later it had become a superpower in every sense of the word. After the First World War, the European nations assumed that the United States would continue to involve itself in international matters, particularly in helping to reconstruct Europe and help maintain the balance of power. However, the United States showed no inclination to become involved. On the one hand this was seen in Europe as evidence of selfishness and immaturity. On the other, while many Americans shared the Europeans point of view with the war and its aftermath, they also believed that their involvement had been both unnecessary and a grave mistake. It was obvious that the United States had been lured into the war by armaments manufacturers and by Wall Street bankers who wanted to save their fortunes. Foreign policy had hardly ever interested many Americans, and there was no reason in the inter war years why they felt that they should become involved in what they considered to be the affairs of other nations. They were not threatened and there were more important activities to which they wanted to devote their time and money. .
             Many thought of relations with other nations in terms of trade and finance, which belonged in the world of the private sector and that there was little need for political involvement with other countries. As a result, the American approach to foreign policy in the inter war years appears to be confused. Public opinion, and Congress, appeared to be predominantly isolationist but the presidents and policy makers wished to be more active. During the 1920s, Republican Party administrators implemented a foreign policy consisting of two main themes. First, the reconstruction of Europe in which the government would take a back seat to the private sector; and second was the backing of moves for the reduction of armaments and limitation in which the government itself took the lead.

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