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History of American Witch Craft

             Witchcraft is about the third biggest religion in America today. Witches and those who practice can not be pointed out. This history of Witchcraft is ubelievable. Believe it or not, Witchcraft came to America with the first settlers but it never really became big due to laws brought in about those being found to be witches, practicing witchraft or entering a pact with the devil. Those accused of practicing this were put to death immediately. The first ever execution and trial was in Connecticut and was that of Alice Young who was thought to practice witchcraft. She was hung in Connecticut. As a result other trials came about such as those of Mary Johnson, Mary Parsons and several others at this time who were all found to have been witches and subsequently put to death.Up until 1662 there were many trials for witchcraft but there were a few that would come to the attention of the public. The public played an important role the option of rather a person was guilty or not. If the public did not like one particular person they could accuse that person ( even lie ) and have his or her life taken away. The most crucial trial ever would be " The salem witch trial ". During the middle ages and the renaissance, witchcraft was considered as evil magic, heresy and devil-worship. Contemporary witchcraft has redefined it as a reconstructed form of Pagan religion that worships the Goddess and horned god and has no connection with monarchism or the devil. It can also be used for good rather than for harmful use which most people consider witchcraft being used as. .
             Today, witchcraft is refered as the use of malevolent powers by psychic means without the need for ritual or charm. This is so for the days of the Inquisition but not for the contemporary western world where witches work magic through spells, for this things have changed. Witchcraft involves the use of supernormal powers such as shape-shifting, clairvoyancy, invisibility, flying, the ability to kill at a distance and astral projection.

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