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Gay Marriages

             When attempting to do research for this paper, I did a Google search for the precious internet sites that Drew doesn't want me to use. After searching under a mirage of things, I found a site listed under "Gay Marriage Approval" written from the Christian viewpoint. While this site had absolutely nothing original on it, it did have a link to another website that had something very original on it. John A. Bowden, a former "Defense Department consultant specializing in inter-disciplinary long range 'futures' studies for over a decade" wrote a column called "Ten Reasons to Defend Marriage." While I know I was supposed to do research and show different opinions, I"m going to "tweak" the assignment a bit; I"m going to argue against Bowden's anti-gay marriage argument and Christian propaganda. The following indented quotes are taken from John Bowden's "Ten Reasons to Defend Marriage (which can be seen at http://www.americandaily.com/item/1948): .
             1. Defend Traditional Marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court destroyed state laws governing sexual behavior and imagined a right to sodomy in the Constitution. Now, there is no legal standing for traditional marriage. The Massachusetts Supreme Court will create a "right" for homosexual marriage Homosexual "marriage" makes any kind of marriage legal. Yet, marriage between one man and woman to create a family is a two thousand year old tradition. .
             Okay, I know that I am just a college freshman, but last time I checked, sexual behavior had absolutely nothing to do with what constitutes a marriage. In fact, I would have thought that having sex was a fringe benefit of being married. Just because the government can't govern what we do sexually with other consenting adults (mostly because it brings up all sorts of privacy, "Big Brother" discussions), that doesn't mean that marriage as a legal bond is now defunct. The main problem with his reasoning is that it makes you believe that two people who aren't of the same sex getting married would be the end of the world, which is foolish.

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