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Under God?

             I am a Catholic and I believe in saying "under god" in the pledge, but because I live in America, a place where culture is so diverse and common, I cannot label anyone as a follower of God because there are so many different religions and beliefs. Forcing someone to say "under God" in the pledge is hypocritical and extremely un-American. It takes away freedom of religion which is the embodiment of why so many people wish they could live in the United States. The phrase "under God" is a violation of the basic principles of the country regarding separation of church and state, and furthermore it is setting one God above all others, violating yet another set of founding principles.
             The statement "under God" is a violation of basic principles separating church and state. According to the first amendment to the United States Constitution, "Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The statement clearly describes that no religious expression, such as the word "God" can be introduced or appear in the political eye. However, opponents of this debate such as Senator Lieberman state, " Judgment has frame our history in two ways. It has been the basis of our rights because it is from one shared belief in God and the foundation of its place it has in our system of government that we are all children of the same God." This statement is interesting, because our country in my opinion, does not share a belief in one universal god, and that is what makes this country the United States of America. The citizens of this country are united in a melting pot of different backgrounds, colors, and belief system. If one does not believe in God than why should he or she has to say they do? Religion is for the religious in the appropriate settings and situations and should not be forced down someone's throat, and should definitely not be a part of the government.

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