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J. Alfred Pruflock

             Alfred Pruflock is a withdrawn, middle-aged man who is perhaps going through a mid-life crisis and is examining the mistakes he has made in his life. He is a lover, but at the same time, he is afraid of declaring his love to someone. He is also very worried about many attributes of himself including his aging appearance and what other people think about his appearance. There is an example of this in line 40-41 when he says, "With a bald spot in the middle of my hair "(They will say: How his hair is growing thin!')-. There is in addition, another example in which he imagines the grim reaper laughing at his bald spot and how horrifying that would be. He also attempts to make himself young again by rolling his trousers and wearing a hair style that young people wore at that time, but he realizes it was of no use because he is growing old and there is no changing it. .
             He watches the beautiful young women at the party and he imagines himself attempting to converse and tell a particular woman of his love for her. In his dream, he tells his love how he feels and for some reason, she is incapable of understanding what he is saying. Prufrock also starts to rehearse a speech he will tell his lover in line 70, but he gives up almost as soon as he starts. I believe that by his low sense of worth during his daydreams, his will to find a lover and be happy is impracticable. He also feels that he does not fit in with the society that surrounds him anymore. He is also afraid of the increasingly industrialized and impersonal city surrounding him, and he is unsure of what to do; therefore, he is also afraid to obligate himself to any particular choice of action. I think that he is a very sad character and he has let time get away from him even though he states that he has measured out his life in "coffee spoons-. Prufrock is so afraid with being alone and incapable of fitting in with society that it becomes an obsession within itself.

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