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Social Differences Interfere with Unity

            Although the concept of unity is an option to be considered by society, there is still a lack of this concept in many communities. There are many times when people just do not wish to accept another group of people. This can be due to perhaps, the other groups "skin color," "personality," or race, in other words the other group's identity. This lack of unity and acceptance is very broadly shown in E.M. Forster's "A Passage to India." There is a great deal of not only social differences between the British and the Indians, but also a lack of communication.
             There have been many events in the novel that illustrates this social difference between the British and the Indians. For instance, the Bridge Party can serve as an example of this lack of unity. "Would she like a Bridge Party? He explained to her what that was-not the game, but a party to bridge the gulf between East and West; the expression was his own invention, and amused all who heard it (Forster, 26)." Even though the Bridge Party was to serve as an "ice breaker" between the East and the West, it just so happened that its intention was not filled. At the Bridge Party both of the groups stayed within their "own kind" and did not bother to mingle even a little with the other group. It seems as if neither one of the two groups was willing to associate with the other. If there were a time where, for example, the Indians tried and spoke to the English, the English would ridicule and embarrass them. Rather than engaging in a friendly conversation, the British found ridiculing the Indians the much more appropriate thing to do. At this rate how are the two groups supposed to become "equal" of one another?.
             Due to this lack of communication between the two groups, unity seemed as a lost concept in India. The British were never ready to accept India and its people for who they were. They always felt a distance between themselves and the Indians.

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