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Alice in Wonderland

            I have chosen to work on Lewis Carroll' s Alice in Wonderland. My choice has been first guide by me knowing already about the story. I have always been interested in the old stories I was told younger. So, I read over the book carefully and soon realise that I did not understand the story the same way I did younger, so, decided to work on this tale. My final paper is dealing with different aspects of the story. I will try to demonstrate through explanations and examples the need of Carroll to be in a different world dealing with other laws that we are used to. I will also mention how you can somehow consider that Carroll (maybe without even knowing it) introduces Piaget thoughts about education. Moreover, the final point and major part of the text will be dealing with how Alice's curiosity includes her in the story and permits her to discover a part of the adulthood. .
             By the end of the book, you understand that Carroll uses in a conscious way the dream in his tale. He did not want the reader to think that this was really happening but you cannot be aware of this fact in the first reading. Of course, there is by the first sentences of the book some clues of it happening, but in major part, the readers likely did not pay attention to those clues. "Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister bank, and of having nothing to do [ ] the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid- (Carroll: 5), but by then the white rabbit suddenly appears for being a major character in the story and we completely forget that she may be dreaming. But here it seems important to make the difference between dream and wonderful because those are both process that Carroll uses in his tale (Gattégno: 85). In one side, the wonderful "répond à un besoin de l'intelligence enfantine- (Gattégno: 86). It is a place where children can imagine laws that do not exist in our present world.

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