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Treasures of lemon brown

             Lemon brown had some treasure that was important to him but might be dumb to someone else this treasure opened up the eyes to Greg. The Treasures of Lemon Brown is a short story written by Walter Dean Myers. It is a boy named Greg showing up at an old abandoned house to escape the rain. There he sits down on the coach and he meets a man named Lemon brown. When greg first incountered Lemon Brown he felt quit peril about him. Lemon Brown shows him his treasure as well and teach Greg a lesson. Lemon brown shows his caring ness and his boldness when he made some intruders leave while still protecting Greg. Lemon Brown appears to be only a ragged homeless old man when Greg encounters him, but we find out that he is a complex person who still has goals for him self.
             Lemon Brown had rags as shirts and rags as pants but he still had things inside that made him great. Lemon Brown has an old winkled face that is black. His pants hang down as rags from his hip. Lemon Brown has shoes that are cracked and have dirty. He always wore his rags around and could never change in to other cloths. Lemon brown did not have nice clothes he did not even have a t-shirt and a pair of pants to change into. Lemon Brown hung in the shadows of the old building and could make people tremor.
             Lemon Brown was a strong man that stood up for his beliefs and was very kind if you sat down and really got to know him. Lemon Brown shared his treasure with Greg and was not a shamed or even questionable about if he should show him. He also shared some of his stories with Greg. Lemon Brown protected Greg when some people can into the abandoned house. Lemon Brown also was protective when Greg entered the house because he was still unsure about him.
             Lemon Brown was a very determined man who said he would do things and he would do them to the best of his ability. He protected his treasure so that no one would take it. He wants to become a blues singer again so he was headed to St.

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