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How to Make Lemonade

             Water is the most refreshing drink in the world, and probably the cheapest. People drink water because it's easy to achieve and costs barely anything. Lemon is one of the worst kinds of grapefruit people eat or don't eat at all. It tastes extremely sour and even bitter if you eat the skin. But if you add these two ingredients together, you get one of the most prolific drinks ever. With a three-step process, lemonade is bound to be a tasty thirst quencher. .
             There are hundreds of ways to make lemonade. But the simplest of all is the water base lemon drink, where water and lemon is the two crucial flavors in the drink. It is incredibly easy to make, that even a 5-year-old can make it. But let it be advised, however, that without the proper tools and directions, the great American beverage is nothing more than acid in water. .
             To start making lemonade, it is a must to have lemon, sugar, and water. It costs around 1dollar for one pound of lemon, and 50 cents for 1 gallon of water. Without these ingredients, the drink will no longer be called lemonade. It is essential that a knife be there to cut the lemon, and a container for the drink. .
             First off, wash the lemons clean so there won't be any dirt or bacteria on the lemons. Use the knife and cut the lemon in half so the juice can be easily squeezed out of. After cutting the lemon and squeezing about 2 cups of juice into a cup or pot, add around 6 cups of water. After adding water to the cup, add 1 and a half-cup of sugar to the juice and water. The most important article to remember is that the ratio of juice, sugar and water make lemonade great - not too sweet, not too tart. Adjust it to suit .
             yourself. Stir the juice so that the sugar won't go to the base of the drink. This causes the drink to be very unbalanced and make it very sour or bitter. Keep stirring until the water, sugar, and juice are spread equally. .
             The third step is very easy.

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