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Album Review: Lemonade by Beyonce

            Beyonce's Lemonade is a piece of musical and visual art that is meant to talk about a great and deeper meaning in the world. In her visual album she brings up historical and controversial moments from the past. These include black rights, slavery and women empowerment. In my opinion her album could be connected to in an emotional level. She reaches out to her audience to let her own emotions be known throughout her songs and scenes. In terms of myself i connected to her emotional standpoint on strength and her own personal loyalty. .
             In order to connect to Beyonce through her lyrics i feel as if i have to introduce myself and my own identity. I am a 18 year old boy. I believe in personal strength getting you through all bad situations. I believe that loyalty is one of the most important things in this planet. I feel strongly that keeping your family close will help you have a healthier life. I am very self orientated and now i am listening to an album about a married black woman going through a horrible situation with her unfaithful husband. It seems like the only way to connect her story is through loyalty. Her loyalty to him was strong but his to hers was shattered. In my life love has always been a big deal. I believe showing love to those we love the most is a strong part of having a happy life. Love, loyalty and trust are three things that matter most to my life but I will be focusing on love while connecting to Beyonce's Lemonade. .
             Love is one of the most contradicting things in this world. As much as the ones in this world that are meant to love you the most they are also the same people that can cause you the most pain. Love is associated with so many different emotions it is unclear as to what love is truly defined as. Love can be connected to happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Connecting love to Beyonce's Lemonade will fall under the emotion of anger. In the chapter, "anger" she associates the love she feels for her husband as pure anger.

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