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Photo Album

             If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be? As I ponder this question, my photo album comes to mind.
             My photo album is a huge, over stuffed, heaping book that I have had for years. It is deep purple with green little flowers sprinkled all over it. My photo album has oodles of pages covered with colorful paper of all different patterns, cut outs from my favorite magazines, and comments about who is in the pictures or what is taking place. Some photos are right side up, some sideways, others caddy cornered to the left or right. The pages contain all my favorite pictures ranging from way back in Elementary school to just a month ago. There are snapshots of friends, family, pets, holiday memories, birthday parties, back yard barbezues, and silly-just-because moments.
             The very first page in my photo album has white paper covered with little pink piggys, blue baby bottles, yellow baby rattles, pacifiers, yellow teddy bears, purple bunnies, safety pins, and pink hearts. My name is boldly wirtten at the top in pink paint, and "three days old" on teh bottom. In between is my baby picture, taken white I was still in teh hospital. I am wearing a pink onesie, and my tounge is sticking out. I look at that picture and think "Wow, was I really that small?".
             From there, the pages progress through my toddler years, up through elementary school, to junior high. My junior high page is covered is covered in red and white plaid paper. "Middle School" is scrolled across the top in lback paint. There are six pictures in rows of three. The first is my eighth grade cheerleading picture. My pom-poms held high and a big smile on my face. Next is my seventh grade volleyball picture. I am lying on my stomach on the ground with my legs crossed and up in the air. My fists are resting on my cheeks adn a volleyball is balanced between my crossed ankles. The second row starts with my sixth grade school picture in which my smile is distorted my a shiny set of braces.

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