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family photo album

            A Glance into the Family Photo Album.
             My mother was an obsessively organised person. Everything had to be neat, tidy, symmetrical, categorised, alphabetised, and colour coded before she could relax. This went for every single thing in our home, books, videos, and especially photographs. In the immaculately dusted and polished antique cabinet in our back room, lay fifty numbered and categorised photo albums. Forty-nine of these I've never really looked at. They contain photographs that have little interest to me at the moment. Number fifty however is a different story. .
             Album number fifty is a scarlet book with gold writing on the cover bearing the title "This is your life so far- It actually refers to our entire family and last week I felt like looking at it. The first pictures are of my parents before they met, my father in denim jacket and flared with long hair; my mother in tailor made outfits, in fading Victorian-style photographs that my grand-mother favoured. I don't know much about my parents before I knew them. The topic rarely came up.
             The next section are my parents" wedding photos, these are hilarious. My father with a short beard (this was my mother's idea; my father didn't like to wear a beard) and my mother in a simple white dress that accented her tiny waist and long face. The group photos were the funniest, as the wedding took place in mid-May, but it snowed heavily and was so cold that nobody wanted to leave the warmth of the church. This all came through perfectly in the photos. .
             Some pictures of my parents working on the new house, and travelling to several exotic parts of the world (like Roscommon) featured next. This is another part of their lives I knew little or nothing about. The only pure fact I have is that my father studied at Trinity College, then in computers where he met my mother. After this, I never asked about their lives.
             What follows I know more about, the birth of my older sister, a small child who slept constantly, only waking to feed.

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