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The Process of Creating a Scrapbook

            Now that I am a grandmother, I have some extra time to work on my favorite pastime, which is making scrapbooks. I have one for each of my five grandchildren. They are great for discussions, talking about old times, and memories of loved ones. You can also discuss comparisons and resemblances between family members. With a little patience and an open mind you to can make the most memorable scrapbook for generations to come.
             The list is endless when deciding how and what you want in your scrapbook. I need to emphasize on the supplies needed to protect your precious photographs and memorabilia. Choose archival supplies, acid-free paper or ph-neutral adhesives and permanent, fade resistant inks and pens. When choosing your photo album, make sure it contains acid free pages. They come in many different types and sizes. Adhesives must also be acid-free; they are used to secure everything to the album pages. Adhesives come in many forms, including photo tape, photo corners, glue pens, glue sticks and bottled glue. Choose straight edge or decorative edge scissors to cut and trim your photos into interesting shapes. Don't forget to crop out any unwanted areas. .
             To enhance your photos and create interesting backgrounds include colored and patterned papers. I prefer to use colored construction paper it brightens up the pages. You can also add stickers, quotations, holiday stickers and cartoon characters. Many craft and fabric shops have large assortments and numerous themes to choose from. You will need plenty of photos, newspaper clippings, awards, certificates, report cards and even postcards to accomplish a unique scrapbook. You will also need a fairly large table or flat surface to work on. Other supplies needed include a photo album, matting, adhesives, stickers, scissors, ribbon, fade resistant pens, markers and glitter pens. Remember techniques vary when putting your album together; this is a great time to use your imagination.

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