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Understanding of the Dynamics that Occur in Groups and How t

             The term group dynamics refers to the interactions between people who are talking together in a group setting. Group dynamics can be studied in various settings. Some of the settings where group dynamics occurs are in the classroom, the workplace and in other social settings. The communication between the members of the group is verbal and non verbal. This communication conveys understanding of the thoughts and the feelings of the members of the group. This undertaking requires concentration, which is exemplified through listening skills and feedback. This is my attempt to explore the dynamics of group and team building within the experiential group where I shared membership with ten other individuals who ventured to accomplish three goals together.
             As an Organizational Psychology major, I registered for a required course titled "Group/Team Development". I did not have a course description to inform me about the dynamics of groups but I was intrigued by the opportunity to be a part of a membership where people learned how to interact in groups. Specifically, I was thinking, that I was supposed to link with individuals that would discourse and engage in activities while exploring the stages of group/ team building. I came into the group recognizing three people (Ann, Mike and Ebony) out of the eleven (John, Mike, Keith, Dina, Donna, Mari, Wanda, Ann, Ebony, and Raveen,) members with whom I shared former psychology classes. This number was soon to change with a reduction of two and an addition of one. Ten now was the total number for our group. Our new group member Stacey (number 10) changed our scales of balance, which were divided evenly in to three categories structured, unstructured, and uncertain. Stacey's presence and initial input immediately energized our group and we began to formulate an objective for our group goals. This was our first milestone in the development of "group processes".

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