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             In this class, I learned many things that will help me interact with others and work in a group setting. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate this knowledge in a summary of what I took from these last few weeks. I would first like to review some of the key concepts and terms and discuss in my own words what I gained from these concepts. I would like to take the terms one chapter at a time to better structure this paper while trying to stay organized. .
             In chapter one, we looked at a systems approach and the idea that small group interaction occurs with interdependent forces which we can analyze and put in perspective of other forces. The book talks about a baseball team having a winning season. This will not only renew their spirits, but the energy will be put into respecting each other more, encouraging each other. This energy will also play out in their daily lives. I take from this that the way we interact with others in a group setting and the attitude and inside and outside forces that come into play can, and will, affect group performance and group dynamics. .
             Team is another important term. A team to me means almost what a family means. A very close knit group that works well with one another, encourages and cares for one another. The book talks also about input and output. Input is the basis for small group interaction. There are six factors: personality, sex, age, health, attitudes, and values. Output is the end result in a group. Output includes solution, interpersonal relations, improved information flow, risk taking, interpersonal growth and organizational change. Feedback, as well as input and output, are the basis of communication in a group setting. Feedback is very important to groups. Feedback is information, be it criticism, a little note, or simply a head nod for good job. Groups receive feedback to improve and modify themselves.
             The last topic I would like to discuss from chapter one is empowerment.

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