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             There are various ways by which New Zealand businesses can gain competitive advantage from our distinctive national context in a globalising world economy. The most effective way is by utilising New Zealand's unique cultural character. The kiwi "have a go" attitude and open workplace relations along with New Zealand's positive environmental reputation can help small New Zealand firms gain an edge in the world market. In this globalised economy New Zealand firms are competing against larger businesses that do not have the same cultural advantages.
             Firstly what is a globalising world economy? Globalisation is defined as the "growing similarity and integration of the world" from an economic standpoint (De Loit, p. 721). Global convergence has meant that products can now be found across the entire globe and quickly recognized in most countries. Examples include clothing and shoe brands such as Nike and Reebok. National diversity is what is unique and special about a particular country. What does a certain country have that others can not duplicate? "National culture is a unique source of national competitive advantage and therefore a resource to be nurtured and developed" (Campbell Hunt: 2001, p.146). So what is unique about New Zealand that can give our companies a competitive edge on this global market?.
             Most unique to New Zealand is our culture which comes from our small size and isolation in the South Pacific. "National culture can be regarded as a resource to create positive scenarios for New Zealand companies" (Campbell Hunt: 2001, p.147). New Zealand culture brings with it three important advantages. First of all the self reliance and ingenuity of the New Zealand worker. This is a big advantage in terms of production and work ethic. "It is the product of a particular combination of geographical and historical circumstances in which isolation has forced us to "do more with less" (Campbell Hunt: 2001, p.

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