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Good Management

            'The difference between a highly successful organization, and one that does not survive, comes down to one thing only: good management'.
             This statement is fairly general and therefore this essay will respond by discussing good management and determining if good mangement can be found in a organisation that does not survive. .
             As there a several ways in which a successful organisation and good management can be defined, this essay will also define and interperate what is ment by a successful organisation and good management.
             To further discuss the statement the essay will also concentrate on other factors that can influence the success or failure of an organisation.
             What is an organisation? There are many definitions of what a organisation is, some more complex then others, but they all basically say that 'An organisation is a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose' ( ,p5). Some examples inculde Microsoft, Edith Cowan University and even Manchester United football club. They are are all organisations because they all consisit of people, they all have some deliberate structure and they all have a specific purpose.
             Every organisation has a distinct purpose. What ever the purpose may be they are commonly a set of goals or a goal that, that specific organisation hopes to accomplish. Organisations must also consist of people. One person alone does make up an organisation, people are needed to perform jobs and tasks in order for the organisation to meet its goals or goal( ).
             From the definition of an organisation and the brief description, it is clear what it takes for an organisation to be successful. If organisations are able to accomplish and consistently meet their goals, it would be safe to say that it is a successful organisation ( ). If we take a look at Manchester football club for example, we know that one of the goals of the football club is to win games and the league.

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