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Methods for Successful Scrapbooking

            Have you ever noticed the pictures of your Grandparents and old albums have turned yellowish? Or maybe you have been looking for a particular picture but can't seem to locate it. With the way many of us store our photographs, our "cherished memories," it is no wonder we get very frustrated. Many of us store pictures in old shoe boxes or use an inexpensive album, most of which are probably falling apart. These pictures, over time, can and may get damaged lost and the memories are forgotten. This doesn't seem like a nice way to treat your fondest memories. A great way to preserve your pictures and memories is called Scrapbooking, the practice of combining your photos, memorabilia and stories in a scrapbook style album. To begin you will need special materials, design ideas and plenty of information. This is a great way to store and preserve those special photos and memories. Once you have completed your album, you will have created a nice place to store those memories.
             Choosing to preserve your photographs takes time, imagination special tools. The most important tool, when storing your photographs, is to use only acid-free, buffered and lignin-free products. These are specially designed products that are chemically treated during manufacturing. They will prevent the forming of acids, or allowing dirt, dust and fingerprints from adhering to your photographs and pages. These acids, over time, discolor and damage your photos by turning them yellow. To begin the scrapbook process you first need to select the right kind of photo album. You should always choose one that will allow you to add and delete pages. The three most popular albums available on the market today are: three ring, post-bound and strap/hinge. The most popular amongst scrapbook enthusiasts are the strap/hinge albums. In these albums, the pages lie flat, when opened, no matter how many there are. Once you have the album you have chosen you will also need to select durable acid-free pages.

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