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Music stars life style

            Music stars, money, cars, mansions, jewelry, parties. That's what you probably think of when you see your favorite rapper or band on the television. But have you ever thought about what the artist do or how the dress or what they go through when they are not in front of the camera. Believe it or not music artist are very smart and serious business people who go through a lot of stress. Some of the music artist have more things going than just music they have there own clothing, magazines, TV shows and make movies. For example Sean Combs A.K.A P. Diddy has a lot of things on his shoulder, he has his own clothing company, Television show, magazine, and he is the president of Bad Boy records a superior record label. Put your self in his position the millions of task he does and still makes time for his two children. When watching a TV show on MTV they had a special on Russel Simmons the owner of the high profile Def Jam record label and owner of Phat Farm clothing I noticed that he was on the phone majority of the show making business deals approving them or not approving them. Jonathan Davis from Korn is his own director of his music videos and he also appeared in the movie Queen of The Damned. A lot of other artist are in the big screens now days such as eminem who just copped himself a leading role in his movie 8 mile and other artist such as DMX, Ja Rule, Ozzy Osburn, Kid Rock, Beyonce have done several movies as well. Some of them even own film labels such as Rock-A-Fella films owned by Jay-z and Master P who has his own film company too. Master P also owns a New Orleans Real Estate, a Telecommunications business, a sport management firm, a gas station chain and oil refinery investments. Master P was also ranked number thirteen on fortunes prestige's "Americas forty riches under forty". Music artist also go through a lot of hearsay just as well as we do however what people rumor about them can really stress and bother an artist.

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