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Small Steps for a Big Change

             How to alter small aspects of your lifestyle for a.
             Sustainable World.
             We have a decent minimum wage; items of.
             pleasure and convenience line the shelves of twenty-four hour super centers. .
             Our success as a society, economically and, hence, culturally, is extremely.
             pervasive. Across both oceans and both borders our products are for sale and.
             English is spoken. We have a low infant mortality rate, long life expectancy,.
             and access to advanced medical science. We are free to speak our minds,.
             organize, travel uninhibited, and of course, choose how we live our lives. We.
             have more in the way of consumables and convenience products than any other.
             culture, now or in the past. However, with all this economic success and.
             freedom comes freedoms oft-ignored sister, responsibility.
             With a culture of consumption, certain problems exist. Our environment, that.
             which we depend on for our very existence: air to breath, water to drink, soil.
             to produce food on.is decomposing. Most Americans couldnt tell you where their.
             food comes from, let alone recognize edible plants in their own backyard. We.
             seemingly prefer the convenience of ignorance to being responsibly pro-active. .
             Freedom is a precious gift, and the only way to protect it is to be an informed.
             citizen. There are small changes in lifestyle that every citizen can accomplish.
             to improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet. The number-one.
             beneficiary of these lifestyle changes is you, the person who finds themselves.
             with a more responsible, involved world.
             There are three aspects of our life that I choose to describe in these pages:.
             Transportation, consumption, and waste. Small changes in our behavior within.
             any of these categories will lead to a more sustainable future. It is important.
             to remember, that with the technology that allows convenience and scientific and.
             social advancement, we must not disallow proven methods of living life that have.

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