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Turn the Television Off and Turn Society On

            Today there are many problems that are destroying society. One of the major problems destroying society is television. The television set is shaping the way people act and think in society. Because some television shows promote harmful habits, watching television shows prevents involvement in more productive activities, and television creating a rift between people, the television set is demolishing the world in which we live. .
             First, some television shows are trying to promote harmful habits. A few harmful habits that television promotes are smoking, drinking, and violence. Some television shows illustrate people relaxing by frequently drinking or smoking or sometimes doing both. A good example of this would be the television show "Cheers". The show revolves around a group of friend who relax at a bar drinking mostly every night after work to unwind. This often leads viewers to drinking and smoking to relax like the actors that they see on television. All this drinking and smoking can become serious health problems for people. Also, little kids watch cartoons and action shows and start to believe that they are actually the characters themselves. A few examples of these action packed cartoons are "Dragon Ball Z", "Power Rangers", and "Justice League". These cartoons all have the good guys who must fight the bad guys. Most all children have vivid imaginations and like to pretend that they are the super heroes. This behavior leads some kids to become violent towards other kids who they believe to be the villains that they are sworn to fight. For example, a child might believe he is Superman and beat up a kid in school who they believe is a villain for one reason or another.
             Also, too many Americans are watching television rather than getting involved in more productive activities. Instead of everyone sitting and watching television in their spare time, they could volunteer at a local organization or just help an older or disabled friend or neighbor.

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